Energy Plus company has been producing sport equipment and selling top sport brands for a decade. Many customers are buying from Energy Plus chain stores in person. It is also owner of many fitness gyms. Beside reselling big brands like Nike and Puma products, Energy Plus now produces its own high quality shoes and clothes that has its own fans.

The Challenge

Though Energy Plus has been active selling sport equipment physically, but it did not expand to digital world. The challenge was that too many objectives were given to us to build the website. We needed to group and prioritize the objectives in order to identify the main objective of building the website. Identifying the website audience persona was next, and we set clear solutions to every objective.


We did not jump immediately to design of the site, but first had numerous meetings with top managers to identify the main goal of Energy Plus company for presence in digital world. We were able to identify the main customers and their persona with the help of company’s CRM system. Furthermore, we had many meetings with marketing team to identify the lead generating channels for the website.

Eventually, we went to do the wire framing and user experience and design. We first aimed for main customers’ persona, and set goals for pleasant design for fitness clocks and running shoes.

Site design was based on Energy Plus brand identity book. We used yellow and black colors to build contrast and transfer the most energy to site users. Yellow color promises hope and energy in color psychology and was the best fit for the site.

We aimed to show best-selling and recommended products in next sections of the site. Our next goal was to show offers after original prices to entice hesitant customers to buy.

After Energy Plus launch, several campaigns were carried out in different media in the first month and led to many leads. We focused on user experience in the first month and zoomed on the site for the next three months for better user experience and got amazing results. We increased the conversion rate to 5%. The Energy Plus site is up and running successfully after four months.   


Color pallet




Desktop Landing

Mobile Landing


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