With Faracloud Computing infrastructure, you are just a few clicks away from creating unlimited cloud servers on demand. You can create several cloud storage disks for each server and easily manage your cloud data center communications using Firewall and private and public networks.

The Challenge

FaraCloud has provided several services in the field of private cloud infrastructure to organizations. For its next goal to expand its services, it needed a website to provide its B2C services clearly. Every visitor should get information about cloud services and then easily navigate to services and offers.


In order to identify the best design for services description and sales, we needed to investigate many competitors and their customers’ persona. Firstly, we did field research on competitors and got many insights from Alexa website. Finally, we were able to identify best user experience for FaraCloud users.

We did a short description of cloud services in the first section of main page for new customers. The design had to be simple and yet special. It was implemented with blue color matching the brand identity book of FaraCloud.

We wanted to build trust with FaraCloud customers first so we provided information about the company in the second section. Customers who wanted more info could click on call to action button to be directed to about us page. We did not want to provide confusing data to customers in this page so we put number of services, types of customers and their opinions to build trust.

So far building trust was not enough, so we had to list benefits of using the service by compelling copywriting and pleasant design.

User experience for buying service was designed in a simplistic manner. Our goal was that customers could quickly and transparently buy the services, so we had to omit extra steps and show cart in internal pages in front of the customers’ eyes.


Color pallet




Desktop Landing

Mobile Landing


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