At the Sarina Beauty Salon, we have confidence in excellence with a heart. We have made a salon that offers the most noteworthy quality hair benefits in a setting that is more advantageous for the earth, our visitors, and our staff.

The Challenge

Sarina first needed to showcase its services on the website, and after its inauguration should have the appointment reservation capabilities. Sarina’s website goals were to show beauty and attractiveness beside feelings of intimacy.


 Sarina beauty salon has never followed a specific brand identity. In order to match the website with all previous physical designs, we needed to design a brand identity for it. The challenge was that we wanted to bring the least changes to previous designs, so we needed to assess all of them and determine their common points according to the website’s goals. Eventually, we did the job by designing a great brand identity. 

We then went on to do user experience and design. Since there was no need of appointment reservation at the beginning, we did not consider having it on the site. But we predicted having to add this functionality in the future. Website design was done with help of attractive images of models. In order to have sense of charm and intimacy in the design, we went for curve edges and attractive images by creating color contrast. We tried not to bold it in the first section, but did it in the following service and salon introduction sections.

Eventually, the designed website was visually unique and conveyed a sense of intimacy to the users. In order to present interesting things in the site, we implemented a section called special gifts, which was only offered to site customers on a monthly basis. We tried to design gifts and expensive offers based on customer’ persona. Some gifts are prepared in forms of packages that are in line with Sarina’s brand identity.

Customer testimonials and salon certificates undoubtedly build trust, so we used these sections in appropriate places and internal pages of the site. 


Color pallet




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Mobile Landing


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