TPSA is a commercial holding with a wide range of services. From transit and transportation to gas and oil industry. One of its services is international transportation. TPSA is one of the largest commercial transportation company with many branches in 10 countries and goods transit to over 30 countries. With over 3 decades of experience and expert personnel, from senior managers to workers, and 300 permanent and satisfied customers, are the achievements of this company.

The Challenge

Looking at wide range of TPSA holding activities, designing user experience and design will be quiet difficult. The challenge was the different activities of the holding from gas and petrochemical to transportation and construction.


We needed to do needs assessment in the first stage, but considering the wide range of TSPA holding activities, it was not a simple task. So we needed more guidance and had several meetings with top marketing managers of the company. Finally, we were able to complete the needs assessment. We were looking for a good design and providing quality pictures for the company. We started with wire framing, but focused on user flow at the beginning to speak with customer about the created drafts. After wire framing, we were able to create proper user flow with the help of customer persona and the data.

Users needed to be redirected to other systems of the company in the main page. We also designed specific landing page for every service. Every landing page follows specific goals, so we needed to discuss with sub companies of the holding.

Finally, we were able to use a mix of black and yellow color and a neutral white color in user experience and design. Upon entering the main page, users would see a combination picture of transportation and oil and gas industry indicating that we achieved our goal of showing a proper picture of company’s main activities in the first section.

In next step, we showed the holding services in a prioritized manner and clear image. The user can easily navigate to their desired landing page.


Color pallet




Desktop Landing

Mobile Landing


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