Benefits of having an online store

June 14, 2024

The first online purchase was made in 1994 and now over a quarter of world’s population are digital shoppers and it keeps increasing. The first stage of customer journey starts with online research about the product or service that they desire to buy. Customers tend to do a good competitive analysis before buying and finally purchase the best of their findings. We tend to lean towards the online stores that have good reviews and is recommended to us. Having an online store acts as our shop and lets our customers have a better understanding of the products or services we sell by description that we write.

Attracting new customers

Your SEO-optimized online store can come at the top of search results and new customers get to know about your business by organic traffic. Online store ease of use can make the loyal customer support and care effortless and getting new customers easier. In addition, an online store is accessible all around the world. The business can open to new markets and expand, if it can handle global delivery. The old customers who have shifted to a new place can still get to buy your products and your business can attract new customers from all around the world.

Getting rid of extra costs

Setting up a physical store come with some expenses like renting, maintenance & many more no matter the size of the business. Whether it is a small booth selling books or branch of a big retail company, the expenses are there and with bigger store comes the need of larger human resource to manage it. On the other hand, setting up an online store comes with less headache and requires less expenses compared to physical store. A good product photography is mostly what an online store owner needs in the first stage. Getting your online store up & running in just one afternoon is possible unlike physical store.

A 24/7 open store

Government laws require stores to close at certain times with some exceptions. In addition, operating a store 24/7 is impossible for one person and requires extra energy and expenses with more people.  Lesser selling time simply means lesser sales and revenues.

An online store is exception to this rule, it is like a robot that never gets tired. Once set up, an online store is on the internet and can handle any number of requests at any time. Having a delivery system set up, the store owner can go on vacation and never bothers about the stress that a physical store usually poses. Since people are leaning more towards digital shopping and are favoring online stores, it is better to migrate to online store to finally get rid of extra headaches once and for all.

Data insights

There is a saying that: he who wants to sell to everyone cannot sell to anyone. Niching down is an important factor of a business’s success. Having an online store helps collect and measure customer data which can lead to better decisions and marketing. Targeting your exact customer with marketing is way reasonable and cheaper than to target all the people.

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