Should one have a website?

June 14, 2024

Every brick and mortar business has asked this question once in their lifetime. They evaluate if it is worth it. There are over one billion websites on the web and 3 billion users worldwide and these numbers keep changing every second. People simply search what they look for online and they mostly land on a website with related content. From goods to services, one can get what they want with access to internet and some clicks. Here we mention some benefits that having a website provide.


having a website builds trust and increases credibility with people especially customers. On the other hand, not having a website may indicate non-professional management and low trust. Customers can visit the website and get the latest information about services or goods. For instance, a traveler can find the availability and prices of going to a certain destination in some seconds which can save him much time. While in the past, it was only possible visiting the travel agency in person. The physical place of a business is represented in a website in online world.

Creating a website is easy and cheap

building a website is an economical and affordable marketing technique which can lead to more sales. Expenses varies on the type of website one wants to have. Maybe you want to have a simple website with unique landing page to showcase your services, or an online store to sell your products which can handle orders and statistics, it still reduces your expenses and returns more on your investment.

Accessing global markets

You are limited to a certain geographical location with your physical store, but nothing can stop you selling your product or service on global markets with your online store which is a website as long as your business abides by the laws of the countries you desire to sell. Your customers only need to know you exist as a business and the rest taken care of by the search engine machines. From a t-shirt with your own design on it to home-made organic soup can all be found online only some clicks away.

Digital marketing

You will probably drive advertisement traffic of your campaigns to your website or landing page. Visitors from ads will come to know more about your business or to buy a product that they liked. By knowing the historic traffic of visitors to your website, you can design your ads to target the most interested customers in order to lead to more conversion.

Saving time

It is possible that your customers contact you and most ask the same question like location or operation hours. Having this information displayed on your website along with frequently asked questions can save you a lot of time better spent on other business efforts.

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