Having a website vs having social media accounts

May 23, 2024

The question of why having a website when I can have social media accounts may have come to your mind before. When I can expand my business using free social media, there is no need to cost for a website is a good statement and needs to be addressed properly.

Setting up a social media account is free and requires almost no technical knowledge. They provide your business with vast number of users who are eager to connect to your business. Almost anyone can create an account with minimum effort and time and start posting contents like video and photos to better engage with their audience.

Furthermore, social media are linked to search engines like Google. It simply means that if a business has social media accounts, the link to the social media is shown on the search engine page when the related term is searched.

On the other hand, having a website for the business is not the same as having a social media account for it and it comes with extra costs. The cost is not the only difference. Businesses usually always have a website beside having a social media account or not having any. The question is why businesses want to have a website and some even do not want to have social media accounts.

It all boil downs to the rules that the social media companies have for use of their platforms. The companies define how their algorithm works, how and why certain users should be promoted and taken down. There are examples of companies which were banned by the social media platforms due to not abiding by their rules and terms which definitely cost them a lot of loss. In contrary, businesses when having website of their own, define their own rules and cannot undergo a great loss simply by not agreeing to the rules some other companies made.

In addition, social media platforms have specific style which does not let you present a different taste of your own business which should make you stand above your competitors. Having a website gives you full flexibility to bring your business’s style and taste. Having social media accounts as secondary options for online presence is always a good idea which can help your business generate more leads.

People usually are bored of what they currently have access to and favor new things, it is true for social media platforms too. New social media platforms with new features replace the old ones and history has proven it many times. It is not logical to invest in social media as primary online presence with all the cons it can have. So it is better and recommended to have a stable online presence which only a website can promise.

Having an online store, it is possible to automate most of the tasks and sell your products or services when everything from live chat to scheduling appointments can be automated.  While also an e-commerce website can provide many great tools for sales that social media accounts cannot with all the sales features they provide.

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