How to increase sales on a website?

July 14, 2024

The role that internet plays in sales cannot be easily underestimated by any means. It is estimated that by 2024 almost 24.5% of all sales are going to be made from online purchases and this number keeps increasing.

Going back in time, sellers used to shout in order to announce the product they wanted to sell, that was the best they could think of. Then came better ways to let other people know about your products, it included newspapers, radios, TVs and so on. But the problem was that these media were used to announce to all people no matter if they showed any signs of interest in the first place or not. For instance, the same shoe ad was broadcasted to the one who was shoeless and the one who was looking for a great black coffee.

The old medium of communication has had its downfall and few still prefer and use them. In contrary, internet users are increasing day by day. So what is internet? Internet consists of computers, data and human beings. The human beings part has been neglected, internet has connected people from all around the world, a remote village to a busy city. Millions can access to what is shared by one and this is the power of internet. So what is the best way to market your service or product? The answer is certainly internet which leads to more sales.

Search engine optimization and more customers

Search engine optimization is simply trying to make your website appear on the top search results of search engines when a related keyword is searched. SEO can be the best strategy to increase sales in a business, since it drives organic traffic to the website. People actively looking for they want and your business appears to them in search results in comparison of passively seeing your ad on any platforms.

The top 5 search results get 70% of the clicks and it is proven that people trust more the websites that appear at the top of search results. More trust means more sales in marketing. It is enough to search sales rate of online stores after SEO to know the importance of it.

The question is, people clicking the top-shown website will definitely lead to more sales, the answer is no. but the point is that they increase the site traffic and that is sometimes more important than sales.  

In conclusion, it all boils down to branding and building trust. Once a business is branded, it no more needs to do a lot of marketing, since it is done by word of mouth. Other people do the marketing job for the brand.

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